Entertaining Kids

There are certain things that are consistent with children all around the world.  First, when you are trying to get them to sit quietly, for any extended period of time, it can be a challenge.  When some of those times are awaiting surgery, the fidgets can get the best of kids.  Mr. Kumari decided that helping his daughter color her picture while waiting for surgery was a good way to entertain her.  He finished the face and added the green hair.


It is also interesting to see that parents in India have discovered what parents in other countries have discovered.  Namely, letting their children play with the parent’s cell phone can buy some peace and quiet in a pinch.   Abhay started with his Dad’s cell phone in pre-op, then in the surgery waiting room, he was enamored with crayons, and in the post-op examination, he was back to Dad’s cell phone.


From the beginning, Mission Director Tom Fox told all of us to be flexible.  He was right.  As various personnel snafu’s come up or illnesses, Mr. Fox and Head Nurse Myhre had to move people around.


We literally have an international crew of doctors harkening from both north and south America.


All the anesthesiologists have incredible skill in helping children face the prospect of surgery and minimize the children’s understandable trepidation.

Today was the last day of surgery.  Tomorrow, the patients will return for their dressings to be checked and coordinate after care where necessary.