In the last few days, you may have noticed our patients in bed or covered up in beautiful quilt, such as the ones below. These quilts were made for and donated by Wrap-A-Smile (a Rotary based organization led by Ann Demeranville, a Rotarian from District 7780, and headquartered in Maine, USA).

What makes these quilts unique is that they are made with love by volunteer quilters from across the US and abroad and then flown over by organizations, such as Rotaplast, to be given to each child. As of November, 2022, Wrap-A-Smile has made over 24,700 quilts!

Before going into surgery, each patient receives one of these special Wrap-A-Smile quilts, that are hand selected for them by our wonderful nurses. The quilt or ch’uch’üj in K’iche’ keeps our patients ch’uq-ib/warm from the operating room, to the recovery room, and then at home, where it serves as a special souvenir that will warm their bodies and hearts forever. Thank you Wrap-A-Smile for all that you do and for showing your love to the children of the world through your special quilts.