We Get Around

This morning, the team exited the hotel to find a school bus waiting to take them to the hospital.

Just when we thought the bus was full, they started folding down the seats in the aisle to make 4 more seats.

Up until this point, the team has been shuttled to and from the hospital in vans that were procured by the Rotary Club of Cebu. Sometimes, the spouses of the Rotarians would drive a few of us back in their personal vehicles.

Walk Right In, Sit Right Down

Although there were 2 official Pre-Clinic days, some people couldn’t get here in time. Additionally, once word hits the street that Rotaplast is in town, people find out about it and ask if they can still get on the schedule. The answer is YES! Here are some of the walk-ins that will get life-changing surgery in the coming days.

Keeping Calm

These younger children have not yet experienced any name-calling or bullying. They don’t know life any differently. They are joyful, playful and, well…sometimes a handful! Thankfully the nurses on the ward help out the parents when they need a little break.

One of the perks of having surgery…chocolate ice cream!

The Farnworth Fan Club

Dr. Farnworth performed the surgeries for these families. The thank you notes from the families are heart-warming.

Ready To Roll

After spending a hot, sticky night in the post-op ward, these kids are ready to go home.