The Rotaplast team ready for the last day of work in Medellin.

Anne DeLaney, Karla Werninghaus and David Morwood, our team of surgeons!

Robert Karoukian, Salman Dasti, Blair Segsworth and Zak Martinez our anesthesiologist team!

Bryan Stamm and Luz K Morales our pediatric team.

Kim Capps, Jodelle Myhre, Yipi Yang, David Spars, Ligaya Agustin and Luzviminda Accos our team of nurses.

Sandy Christensen, Deborah Woolford, James Eustermann, Alan Bowman, Andre Smith, Juan Gallego and Sebastian Sierra. Team of non-medical volunteers.

Time for celebration!!!

Beautiful models.

Special thanks to the Colombian Indigenous Communities who trusted the Rotaplast team, regardless of the dialect or language we speak, there is always someone who can translate our ideas. The smile is the universal language.

Two of our patients, Daniel and Domenico pictured above thanked the Rotaplast team for “making our dream come true”!

The best certification to the best helper’s – thank you all.

The beautiful view of Medellin Colombia.

“Chiva” time.

Our last dinner together in Medellin.

By Antinea Noguera (Missi0n Historian)

On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to thank the entire team for welcoming us to this mission. The memories and smiles we had the privilege of enjoying together will stay with me for a lifetime. As a Colombian, I’m grateful for your service to our people and generosity of spirit. You will always have a home here and a friend in me. I hope we cross paths very soon. All my love.

By Sebastian Sierra (Volunteer)

I am not going to lie, but a few days before the mission started, I was about to cancel. I felt compromise with something that I was not sure I was going to be able to do. But the moment I started to do my task I felt fulfilment and joy had invaded me, it was as if I was doing precisely what I was meant to do, everything became easy, and I was just flowing. I felt as if I had to be the fastest on whatever task I was doing, or fewer people would get the help they needed. Many of my current personal problems just went away there was no time for anything but the children and whatever they requested or needed. Overall, the team was just awesome, very diverse in personalities and egos, but for sure we all wanted the same thing at the end, and we certainly did it. The long days of work were fully paid off after seeing them all come out with a new smile, once again thank you’ll a special thanks to my aunt Antinea for getting me on board and believing in me.  My mission has just begun.

Goodbye Rotaplast Team.

By Randall Floyd

We got to MIA and dispersed without a chance for goodbyes. I thank you all for a great mission and I hope to work with you all again. Great team. We did great work with 53 patients having a better life and another little one who will have a life thanks to our mission. I love you all and hope to see you all again before long. Keep the faith. Live hard and love much. It was my pleasure to serve with you.