Another successful mission completed

Of all the patients who have had surgery in the last few days, most are still being seen by the surgeons and nurses today. This is the second part of the post clinic. Bandages are changed and patients who need even more care and wound care will be transferred to a skilled local surgeon in the near future. We notice that most patients (even several from one family) are very happy with the results. Being able to move more with fewer limitations provides so much quality of life for them. We are therefore so grateful that we can do this for them. The post clinic is really a wonderful moment of the mission.

We received an emotional and great proof of our commitment from Jain Tanvi. This shows that you do something not only for the patient, but also for the loved ones. Jain walked around with a big smile during the post clinic this morning. Full of energy, she brings a bright bunch of cheer as a thank you for the help she received. As a young woman she is full of life again.

It’s time for our Rotaplast team to go. See you soon Agra, India (Firozabad)!