By Deborah Woolford (Recreation Therapist)

The beauty in being a part of this mission is reflected in the eyes of these children and families. I will always remember and cherish the moments of love and laughter, hugs and tears we all shared throughout this amazing journey together.

The guardians after the surgeries.

Beautiful faces.

Dad and moms with their children after surgery with a lot of love.

Activities before and after surgery.

Mom’s beautiful boy.

Ready to go home.

By Randall Floyd (Mission Director)

This mission means a lot to me because it is allowing many children of Colombia to have a better opportunity in life.

By Julian Giraldo (Colombian Dentis)

It is more blessed to give than to receive. Rotaplast is the door that allows us to put our talents, knowledge and experience for those who need it most. We believe in dedicating our life to the service of other, in order to fulfill our purpose.

Minda Accos

by Minda Accos (PACU Nurse)

Who am I now? What is next? Will I make it? And how do I find my way when my heart is broken?
Gary Roe said “The condition of our hearts can either propel us toward our mission or distract us from it.” I prefer the former.

Despite all the hurdles – I was a last minute replacement, issues with my visa and immigration forms – I believe I was placed in this mission for a reason. The reason, to find my purpose.

Yes, I work long hours. Yes, I don’t get to eat proper lunches. Yes, I have to fight for chairs to sit on when my legs are about to give out from standing for long hours. But none of those matters because what matters the most are the children.

I am designed to make an impact, to contribute and to make a difference. That is my purpose.

By Jaime Vargas (Colombian Host)

For me, the Rotaplast 100 Smiles is the ultimate expression of solidarity, where some contribute more, but none of the patients receive less.

By Ligaya Agustin (Infection Control Officer)

Being a medical volunteer is a fulfillment of my second vocation, an Instrument to the healing ministry