Day 5 of surgeries is continuing to literally save smiles and change lives. You might be wondering how you bring a world-class surgical team together? Share the Rotaplast story! Our Rotaplast surgical team of doctors and nurses have trained at some of the best medical schools and have an impressive combined 225+ years of Rotaplast service, highlighting their commitment and dedication to volunteer for the two week missions.

Their collaborate work as part of this Cebu City Mission and others around the world showcases the influence they can have on global health, inspiring others to serve. The attention to detail and commitment during each cleft lip or palate surgery reflects their technical proficiency and compassion for each patient. Dr. Morwood responded when asked why he was drawn to a particularly tough surgery on day 5, “Doctors and nurses and Rotary are supposed to do tough things!”

At the end of another successful day of cleft lip and palate surgeries, nearly a dozen patients from babies to teenagers were reunited with their families in recovery. Each day our entire team gets to share in the tears and smiles from the families as they witness their child’s transformation. It pulls at each of our hearts and reinforces the importance of the work we are doing. One aunt expressed it perfectly in her thank you letter – “I would like to thank Rotaplast International for operating on my niece so she will not be bullied anymore. Because of this Foundation, this kid will have a normal life like the other kids.”