Extreme endurance, commitment, and perseverance! A four-year-old indigenous boy and his teenage sister, Dayana Mejia, were determined to arrive at the clinic from Bajo Baudo, a town far away in the Choco Department, Colombia. He and his sister spent three hours crossing rivers with fishermen and walked about four hours to catch an 8-10 hour bus, with travel all depending on the weather.

Mom was not with them, she needed to stay back to care for the other 7 siblings. This arduous journey with a four-year-old took three days because there was no direct road to get to the hospital. Their village has no access to electricity or water despite it being a scenic jungle area. The nearest doctor is five hours away from their home. Back to yesterday, when they arrived at the hospital, we were all charmed by Evan as he entertained the pre-op area with his infectious smile and personality. We can be assured that his sister will rest easy and safe at the hostel, her bravery being pivotal to his life-changing operation. We are all over the moon with hope and happiness for you, Evan. Your story is in our hearts forever!