A Ugandan mother smiles proudly as she demonstrates the increased mobility of her daughter’s arm following surgery to correct a burn contracture. The successful procedure has brought newfound hope and relief to their lives.

A young boy stands smiling with his arms crossed in the ward after our team of doctors completed their inspection of the patients’ recoveries. His joyful expression reflects the successful progress of his healing journey.

A mother helps her young child drink a breakfast beverage as the ward at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital begins to wake up on the post-clinic day of the Rotaplast mission. The gentle morning scene marks the start of a new day, filled with hope and recovery.

A young boy with a bandage around his neck from burn contracture surgery waves at the camera, his bright smile showcasing his resilience and spirit.

Head Nurse David Sparks, RN, warmly poses with a mother and her daughter during the post-clinic session. The mother beams with pride as her daughter, her hand gently bandaged following burn contracture surgery, enjoys breakfast. Their smiles reflect the hope and gratitude felt by families receiving care at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital.

A mother and her daughter share a joyful moment, posing with bright smiles for the camera. The mother playfully throws up a peace sign with her right hand, while her daughter beams beside her. Their happiness captures the relief and optimism that follow successful treatment at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital during the Rotaplast mission.

A mother and her daughter sit together on a bench, both wearing warm smiles. The mother gazes proudly at her daughter, who excitedly shows off a gift given to her by our Recreation Therapist, Trina Coffman-Gomez. This touching moment captures the bond between the patients and the caring staff at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital during the Rotaplast mission. It reflects the joy and gratitude felt by families whose children have received treatment and compassionate care.

Rotaract member and dedicated translator for our mission, Cathy Lizzie, stands proudly alongside Anesthesia Resident Payton Gore, MD, and Covid Safety Officer Arzoo Salami, MD, for a heartwarming group photo. Their collaboration and support have been instrumental throughout our journey at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital, ensuring effective communication and safety protocols for all patients. This moment captures the spirit of teamwork and dedication that defines Rotaplast missions, where local and international professionals unite to provide life-changing surgical care to those in need.

A young child sits comfortably on a bench, wrapped snugly in a cozy Wrap-A-Smile quilt, awaiting assessment of their recovery from surgery on a burn contracture affecting their arm and side. The quilt not only provides warmth but also serves as a comforting reminder of the care and compassion extended by Rotaplast volunteers. It’s moments like these that highlight the impact of our mission at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital, where each child receives not only medical treatment but also support to ease their journey to recovery.

A young child gazes at the camera with big, beautiful eyes, showcasing the profound transformation following the cleft lip surgery they underwent earlier in the week. The smile that now graces their face reflects the life-altering impact of the care provided by the Rotaplast mission. These moments of joy and transformation are the heart of our work at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital, where each child’s journey to a brighter future begins with a single surgery and a world of possibilities ahead.

A young boy beams with joy as he looks up at the camera, clutching his breakfast in hand. His smile radiates the happiness of a child who has received life-changing care at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital through the Rotaplast mission. This moment captures the essence of our work, where each smile reflects not just the success of a surgery, but also the hope and healing we bring to children and families in Kampala, Uganda.

A young girl, wrapped in the loving embrace of her mother, smiles brightly despite the bandages on both her hands from recent burn contracture surgeries. Her resilient spirit shines through as she stands confidently, a testament to the care and healing the Rotaplast mission provides at Kiruddu National Referral Hospital in Kampala, Uganda. This heartwarming scene captures the profound impact of our efforts, transforming lives and restoring hope one surgery at a time.

At the post-clinic session on the fourth-floor outside area of Kiruddu National Referral Hospital in Kampala, Uganda, a diverse group gathers. Patients, their families, and friends come together with our dedicated team of surgeons, pediatricians, nurses, and medical staff. Benches provide a setting for heartfelt exchanges and shared moments of gratitude and relief. Here, stories of healing unfold as patients receive follow-up care and guidance. It’s a testament to the collaborative effort and compassionate care that defines Rotaplast missions, where every individual finds support and a path toward renewed health and well-being.

Quartermaster and Medical Sterilizer Gary Butler carefully maneuvers a large box across the floor near the operating theatres on the third floor. With precision, he packs the remaining supplies, equipment, and tools that will be transported back to Rotaplast HQ in South San Francisco. This meticulous task marks the final preparations after a successful mission in Kampala, Uganda, ensuring that essential resources are returned for future missions and continued support.

Dentist Melissa Rinck, DDS, demonstrates her dedication beyond dental care as she assists in organizing and retrieving files for surgeons, nurses, and patients during the post-clinic session. Her role extends beyond dental procedures like extractions and cleanings; she actively supports the team in various capacities, ensuring smooth operations and comprehensive patient care. Melissa’s commitment exemplifies the collaborative spirit that defines Rotaplast missions, where every team member plays a crucial role in providing holistic healthcare to those in need.

A father proudly demonstrates the improved mobility of his son’s arm following surgery for a burn contracture. With evident relief and gratitude, he showcases the transformative impact of the medical intervention provided by Rotaplast. This moment captures the essence of the mission’s success in restoring function and hope to patients and their families in Uganda. Each day, these small yet significant victories underscore the dedication and expertise of the Rotaplast team, reaffirming their commitment to changing lives through surgical care and compassion.

Mission Director Brian L. Walker and Head Nurse David Sparks, RN, stand with smiles next to a towering stack of large boxes packed with equipment that the team is preparing to take back after completing their mission in Kampala. These boxes symbolize not just the tools of their trade but also the culmination of weeks of dedicated effort and the impact made on countless lives. As they prepare to depart, the team reflects on the successful surgeries conducted, the lives transformed, and the enduring partnerships forged with local medical professionals and communities. This mission has not only provided critical medical care but also strengthened the resolve to continue serving those in need around the world.