Rotaplast International is one of the few humanitarian medical organizations that has non-medical volunteers working side-by-side with our medical volunteers to produce missions that change lives forever. All of our volunteers are expected to adhere to the same standards of professional conduct that are expected at any business or hospital at home. Rotaplast’s reputation is built on the professional conduct and safety of our teams. Surgical clinics are not for casual travelers. If your plan is to sightsee, party, or vacation, this experience is not for you. While we try to make you as comfortable as possible, you can expect long working hours, physical exhaustion on and basic lodging (sometime dormitories/barracks).

As a Rotaplast volunteer your commitment is to work hard, behave professionally, and act as a diplomat during the entire surgical clinic. Our volunteers experience a wide variety of local customs, food, and have life affirming experiences.

Each year we have a limited number of spaces on our surgical clinic which we endeavor to fill with qualified nonmedical volunteers. As a surgical clinic volunteer, we ask you to represent Rotaplast. Upon your return, we consider you part of the Rotaplast family. Together we endeavor to provide the highest quality medical services to children in need around the world.

Ready for the challenge?

  1. Read and initial the Statement of Professional Conduct above.
  2. Complete the digital application. Please type or print legibly. Your application on must include:
    1. The completed application form
    2. A clear photocopy of your current passport
    3. Clear copies of the required credentials (see end of form)
    4. All applicants must be 21 years of age or older.

Most Rotaplast surgical clinics are sponsored by Rotarians in the USA, Canada and Europe. Members of sponsoring Rotary Clubs and Districts are given first priority among the pool of eligible non-medical applicants. Other applications are reviewed when a sponsoring group forfeits a slot, or when a team lacks a specific skill. In accordance with Rotary Project Models, Rotaplast’s non-medical volunteers pay personal transportation costs to and from the mission site.

Rotaplast requires that all volunteers have the following vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis A (Series of 2 shots)
  • Hepatitis B (Series of 3 shots)
  • Please speak with your doctor or a travel nurse to learn which additional vaccinations are recommended for your specific destination.

Rotaplast will pay the cost of airfare for medical volunteers from major airports in the US and Canada. Medical Volunteers are required to contribute a $350 Participation Fee. All volunteers departing from a non-major airport will be subject to additional fees. International applicants, please contact our office for more information regarding our travel policy. Volunteers opting for a post-trip will be invoiced $200 for Box Fees.

As part of your volunteer application process, we need you to complete a background check (not a financial check). Once your volunteer application is approved by Rotaplast International, you will receive an invitation with a link to complete a background check from Verified Volunteers.

The pricing for background checks is as follows:

  • Medical Volunteers =$44 Non-Medical Volunteers =$37
  • NOTE: Pricing excludes fees possibly charged by state and/or county repositories (court). The state and/or county repository fees may range from $2.00-$30.00. For NY volunteers – the NY state court fee is $65 per name.

By completing the form below, you commit to abiding by the Rotaplast Statement of Professional Conduct.

Personal Information

Rotary Information

Passport Information

Note: Your passport MUST be valid for at least 6 months after your return date. Please apply for and renew your passport early.
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Your Interests and Skills

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