The Cebu City Rotary Port club provided a mini-bus and a guide (Edwin, AKA Al) to show us some of the sights of Cebu. We crossed the bridge to Mactan to visit the site of Magellan’s death by Lapu-Lapu and his soldiers in April 1521. Gloria Arroyo’s holiday home is on this waterfront site. We had a drink stop at the luxurious Shangri La Hotel, where Dr. Bill (our new best friend) ordered equally luxurious drinks for the whole team – the beach seekers missed out! Next stop was the Alegre Guitar factory, where we watched tradesmen carving and creating uniquely attractive musical instruments – mostly guitars. A couple of impromptu renditions of oldies but goodies by Ken and crew, accompanied by the guitar gurus, provided some light entertainment. We were served more excellent food, this time at the Majestic Palace, after which we toured the San Pedro Fort. Ken was a hit with a group of high school kids, who entertained with some loosely choreographed foot work. Last stop was the Church of Santa Nino.  Some of us lined up to get a close up view of the statue of the Christ child that was brought to Cebu in the 1500s from Belgium, according to Al. Candle sellers, balloon sellers, sellers of all kinds in fact, added to the festive Sunday feeling outside this very popular Catholic church. Some of us went shopping at SM Center, a great place for local souvenirs and gifts – in particular Kultura was a good stop. Others went to San Marcos, a ritzy restaurant/hotel with a stunning view of Cebu.