Today was the screening day. A remarkable 172 infants, children and teens were examined today. Many traveled four or more hours to get to the hospital. Each person was first registered, given a number and a medical chart started. They were then photographed with their chart number and name, the photo was printed and attached to the file. They were then weighed. The next stop was an examination by the surgeon and anesthetist. The pediatrician next examined them to assure they are healthy enough for surgery and find out if they have any other medical problems.

The next stop was the speech pathologist and finally the dentist and orthodontist. Each member of the medical team assessed the children’s health, what surgery needs to be done and could we do it if their health permits surgery.

Part of the screening process is to prepare a draft schedule for the operating rooms for the next week. This schedule depends on the complexity of the surgery and expected recovery time.

The Rotaplast team was assisted by doctors and nurses from the Chengde Hospital.  All of the infants, children and teens received a scarf hand knitted and donated by the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunset.