Today there were only treats for the children. They did not all appreciate that today would mark a significant change in their life. Many only saw a lot of strange looking people wearing odd clothing, with masks on and talking in incomprehensible gibberish. This odd group of strangers took them away from their parents and hurt them. Good reason to cry and there was a lot of that today.

DSC_0004 by you.

These children who we will unlikely ever meet again, as adults may recall today and understand the significance it has made to the lives. The world will be a little bit happier and a little bit richer because of the life altering surgery these children received because Rotary and Rotaplast care.

The more difficult cleft palate surgeries started today. These operations meant longer and more complex operations. Three operating rooms were kept busy for eight hours. The sterilizer, a non medical volunteer, turned the instruments around quickly to ensure the require tools were available when needed. The ward clerk, another volunteer, spent her birthday at the computer stuck in a corner updating records as the children entered and left the operating area. The Rotaplast nurses and the non medical volunteer in the recovery room held the children and reassured them. When their mother arrived the world was a lot better.

The mayor of Chengde visited the hospital and presented a beautiful hand made traditional Chinese wall plaque to the Rotaplast team.  He thanked everyone for caring for the children of his community. He then visited the ward and presented gifts to a few of the children.