“Flow” is what I would describe the first day in the operating room.  For my first mission experience I found it quite amazing, I met all 26 individuals on this team over the course of the first 3 days, and today was the first day I observed them in the O.R.  It was a pursuit of passion, for all involved.  It was clearly evident why each member of the team was here, and it was all for the same reason, to serve this community.

Her name is Alvina Grace.  She has a cleft lip, is just over a year old and has a spirit to capture every heart in the room.  Her entire family was waiting with patience for their little girl to be wheeled into recovery.  Her Mother expressed to me that they traveled 2.5 hours to get here, her family is very poor often having a hard time keeping up with expenses.  She was overwhelmed with gratitude that we had come here and they were all as equally excited to see their sweet little Alvina.  

Next, I had a chance to talk to Josephine who was bringing in her 3 month old son, Jello, who is as cute as can be.  Jello is Josephine’s first son and he is here for a lip and palate surgery.  Josephine was beaming with excitement when she found out Rotaplast was coming. She traveled by tricycle from Bago City and couldn’t be more grateful that we were here.  Josephine just finished college and expressed to me how it was so important for her to be able to meet the needs for her son and husband.

This concluded our first day in the O.R.