Everyday we are thanked by the children and their parents. Today was special. One parent took the time to have banner made and presented to the team (see photo). We also received notes and letters from the children and their parents.  What more can we say!

To the Uncles and Aunts from Overseas

I would like to express to you my gratitude and thanks. It must be hard work for you all. If not for you, I couldn’t face up to life. If not for you how can I show myself as a lovely, gentle and confident person?

Thanks to you. Not only have you given me beauty, health, confidence, you have also given me every lasting love. Because of this, I have the confidence in life. Also I have confidence in the future. I shall get on with life with the love from so many people. I shall not disappoint you. I shall learn well and pay back to society with everything I have.

I am speechless with words from my heart. Heartfelt thanks to you again. Thanks for your love across the boundaries. This will be the everlasting spiritual fortune in my life.

When you are home, remember there is a Chinese girl, Shang Wei, who is missing you.  I love you.

November 1, 2008


International Medical Team, China Population Welfare Foundation, North Hospital Medical Staff.

On behalf of my son and my family I thank you very much for this gift. This has allowed my son to return to his classmates as another student. When he returns this time the laughs and teasing will be gone.

From this activity I would like to express my deep feeling.

International Medical Specialists – you have given the service with passion, utmost care and a high level of medical care which we should all follow.

The parents of Li Tian You

I am leaving today. I am very happy and emotional when we took the photo together and I gave you my address. I shall always remember you.


When my child, Xiao Yue, grows up, I shall tell him to remember the free surgery you have done for him. I shall keep your scarf for him forever. I shall miss you forever. Please take care.

Li Lei

October 31, 2008