Long before we have headed out on the Rotaplast Mission trip to Barquisimeto, Venezuela much work has been done:

By the staff of Rotaplast in San Francisco (only 2 seen here).


The volunteers will be working hard in an unknown environment, with strangers soon to become friends, and bring a different life to people they may never see again but undoubtedly both will have changed lives due to this one time meeting.



At this point all some of us know is where Barquisimeto, Venezuela is, while others have friends on the team and have been there.  For those needing orientation, one of the red dots, up in the hills about 5 hours by bus from where we land in Caracas, is our home for the next 2 weeks. 

Our Mission team leader, Brian Walker has only now come back from a Mission trip in Oaxaca after midnight last night and is loading boxes less than 10 hours later.  Dick Burkhalter, our quarter master, works right along side him.

Here they stop to show off our shirts before they pack the boxes away.  What leaders we do have!

To learn more about Rotaplast, click around on their website www.rotaplast.org