Equipment arrived at 3 am this morning. While this meant no sleep for the team (Mission Director Mike Fish, Quartermaster Brian Walker, in country coordinator extraordinaire Dr. Sherif al Bakri) who delivered it, it did mean we started the clinic on time. And what a clinic it was! We started early in the morning. We had everything ready to go at 9ish, and did not finish processing 217 charts until after 8 pm. At certain points of the day, the heat and chaos was challenging. However, patience and cooperation persevered. The team, with a lot of help from Egyptian volunteers, managed to see everyone who waited long, hot hours to see if they could be evaluated. The Egyptian partners were extremely supportive. When we ran out of folders, forms, and printing paper, they made sure we had replacements in short order. There was every echelon of volunteer, from residents, to people who monitored the crowds, to those who served several glasses of water during the day. Everyone was intensely busy and time flew by. By the end of the long day, veteran Evelyn Abad, head nurse, had carved out a schedule for all of the surgery days. Tomorrow we start bright and early – 5:45!