Everyone has been working long hard hours, the surgeons, the non-medical team, and the Cebu City Rotarians. I want to honor one group that usually arrives first and leaves last, as they have been working very hard to keep the mission running smoothly. They are the young volunteers that have been serving the team. They are the behind the scenes workers who are serving the team food and drinks, helping with the files, and helping transport the patients. They drive us around to pick up supplies as needed and drive the team back and forth to the hospital every morning and evening. They are dedicated young helpers washing the dishes and keeping everything clean.

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Cebu City 09 D 349Cebu City 09 A 301

They are the tiny gears that are not much noticed but they are the gears that are crucial in the clockwork to keep everything working smooth and on time. They are the ones helping to make us feel comfortable the best that they can. I just wanted to let them know they are most appreciated and we are thankful they are helping us to accomplish this mission. Well done!!!