2009 Cebu City, Philippines

Sep 25, 2009

The Journey and The Arrival

Cebu City, Philippines

DAY 1 The team met in San Francisco at the Philippines Airline check-in counter, Rotaplast already had the 38 boxes containing the medical supplies and equipment needed for the mission waiting to be checke... Read More »

Sep 26, 2009

First Surgery Day

Cebu City, Philippines

It is the morning of  day three, our first day of  surgeries.  As a first time non-medical volunteer on the Cebu City Rotaplast mission I am alternately excited and terrified as I imagine... Read More »

Sep 27, 2009

Some Kids Steal Your Heart

Cebu City, Philippines

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Kien. The day of the clinic he came into the room so that I could take his picture for his file. He sat down in the chair and when I got the Read More »

Sep 28, 2009

A Day of Rest

Cebu City, Philippines

Our day of rest!  Many went to Church before we left on a city tour of Cebu, including the Magellan Cross historical site near the old port.  Five years ago Sharron Newton, our current head nur... Read More »

Sep 29, 2009

Monday, Day 3 of surgery.

Cebu City, Philippines

Michael was born with both bilateral cleft lip and cleft palate.  During the 2008 Cebu Mission his cleft lip was repaired.  Today his cleft palate was repaired.  Michael’s mother talked... Read More »

Sep 30, 2009

Day 7

Cebu City, Philippines

Well, Rotaplast International Medical Mission has always been a bringer of good news and miracles to many unfortunate Filipinos who are suffering from facial deformities. We, the local Rotarians always pra... Read More »

Oct 1, 2009

The Opportunity to “Reset”

Cebu City, Philippines

I have been a medical volunteer for Rotaplast since 2000. The missions I have been able to participate in around the world with others has given me the opportunity to “reset” what is important in my ow... Read More »

Oct 2, 2009

Last day of surgeries

Cebu City, Philippines

We are finishing our last surgeries and I cannot believe the week is almost over. The sponsoring and local Rotarians are among the most exceptional people I have ever met. As a medical professional they we... Read More »

Oct 4, 2009

A Thank You for our Young Helpers

Cebu City, Philippines

Everyone has been working long hard hours, the surgeons, the non-medical team, and the Cebu City Rotarians. I want to honor one group that usually arrives first and leaves last, as they have been working v... Read More »

Oct 4, 2009

New smiles :-) New lives.

Cebu City, Philippines

Final clinic and everyone is happy to see the children return with their parents for their final check up before the team leaves. There is mixed emotion in the team as we say our final farewells to the chi... Read More »

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