Team Barquisimeto 2010 arrived right on scedule this morning in balmy Venezuela. Some team members were quite pleased to be leaving the snow and frigid temps of home. Our full complement of 26 met up in Houston where old acquaintances from previous missions were renewed and new friendships began.

Be sure to check out more photos of our travels and arrival on the Rotaplast Flickr site. There´s a link to the right on this page.

Following our red-eye flight to Caracas we were met by our enthusiastic hosts where, like a well-oiled machine, the process of moving our supplies, baggage and bodies hummed along. We were treated to a military airlift to Barquisimeto where cargo net seats and earplugs on the brief flight were gladly accepted in lieu of a five-hour bus ride.

Following lunch and a brief rest, we took a short bus ride to the Hospital Central "Antonio Maria Pineda" and prepared for tomorrow's opening clinic. We expect quite a crowd of 150 or so patients. We can't wait to get started bringing new smiles and new hope to them and their families.

Jerry Meshulam, Photojournalist