BH Rotary members-6464

Beverly Hills Rotarians (photo left to right) Dr. Anthony Sokol, Jerrie Heslov, Tamara Leider and Adam Heller and  are now on Day Ten of a life changing Rotaplast Mission in Barquisimeto, thanks to our club sponsoring a Rotary International Grant in support of the mission.

Through the good work of Rotaplast and its volunteers we are witnessing first hand how what we take for granted daily is not the norm everywhere. From getting to know our selfless team of hardworking volunteers, through the smiles of joy on the faces of parents seeing their children for the first time after surgery, and hosted by an amazing group of local Rotaplast volunteers, this has been a life altering experience… not to be missed. 

We are looking forward to joining future missions, and hope that our messages will encourage others to support Rotaplast.

Jerrie Heslov, Medical Records