Jean Pierre, a little cutie, came in today for hand surgery.   He certainly kept us entertained with his charisma.




Dr. Doumit and Dr. Walchak performed our only primary lip surgery on Jhon Bradley.  He was our floor sweetie.  Mama and Papa were so relieved to see him when he finally arrived back at his room.


Later in the afternoon we set up an impromptu clinic and saw 4 potential new surgical patients.

“This is the reason I’m a doctor,” Bryan Stamm said after saying good-bye to Franklin’s parents.  They brought him to us at the end of a busy operating day.

Eight-year old Franklin fell on a cement surface two years ago, leaving him with a huge hematoma.  He still has a small hardened bump on his left cheek. His teary mother asked Dr. Bryan if it was a cancerous tumor and if it was going to get worse.  Family doctor Bryan examined the healthy, wiggly boy and assured her it was a retraction of a calcified hematoma that was not a medical problem at all.  He said it would most likely look like a dimple by the time Franklin was 18, making him even cuter than he already was.  Then Dr. Bryan and Franklin started tickling each other.

A good end to a busy day in Tacna.