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Medical Director Jim Callison with surgical nurses Jeanne Kille (Sandy, Utah) and Janice Crowder (Phoenix, AZ.) getting ready for surgery with Luis Alexander Martinez for a lip revision. Luis' family found out about Rotaplast on the television. They traveled for 6 hours by bus from a small town known as Onente Anamores, tiny in comparison to San Salvador. They stayed with friends the evening before, and were our last "walk in". Luis had surgery and his mother is feeding him in recovery the next morning.

The day is filled with morning rounds of the post surgical patients, only 1 surgery on the schedule, and then on to packing up for our return home on Saturday. QuarterMaster Dick Burkhalter, Assistant QM and Mission Director need to get the boxes packed and ready for the return flight. We started the journey with 35 boxes and will be returning with 19 boxes.  Rotarian Bo Morse (San Ramon Valley RC) exchanging Rotary banners with a the Santa Tecla RC.

We found out about the volcano eruption in Guatemala. Our best wishes to the Rotaplast team in Guatemala for a safe & speedy return.