Final Surgery Day Thoughts

Today we will finish surgeries on over 100 patients.  Anesthesia care here is frugal, simple, but challenging.  One must understand that  many of these children have never seen a doctor until they saw us.  This makes us very concerned and extra cautious when we anesthetize them.  I have been privileged to be among a stellar anesthesia team led by John Lee.  He is well experienced in mission anesthesia.  I will leave with mixed emotions.  As much as I miss my home and  family, a part of me realizes that we leave work that still needs to be done.  I wish everyone in the States could experience a mission like this to help them appreciate what they have, and put into perspective what they are or are not entitled to.

One surprising experience I have had is that in twelve days I have recalled much more Spanish, which I had studied long ago, than I ever would have expected.  When you have to communicate, it will come back to you!

Overall, the mission has been a great success.  I thank the Rotarians and fellow medical team members for a great experience.

~Joel Buhyoff CRNA