Please visualize your children.  Got them in your mind's eye?  Cute, aren't they.
Your little boy, or your little girl, though, has a cleft lip, or a cleft palate; and you know there is a way for them to have an operation to get these things fixed.  You'll do anything you can to have this done. 

You're a parent.  That's what we would do.

Rotaplast is doing these operations in Guatemala.  Your child will not be stigmatized with a visual defect.  Your little one will be made whole again.

To get your child to the Rotaplast operation site, you have walked 11 hours with your wife; and then taken a 5 hour bus ride.  How will you get home? You have spent all of your money to get to Retalhuleu. 

You'll somehow find a way.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve Rotaplast in Guatemala.  The Guatemalan parents are just like us.  They want the best for their children, and I am so grateful to do whatever I can to help them with their children.

Rick Waltonsmith  5-20-10