We arrive at the clinic at 7:00 AM for a full day of surgery.  First, the families waiting for surgery are brought into a waiting room. Then, three at a time are brought into a second waiting room to put on an operating gown and wait to go to the operating room.

Coloring in Intake Room

Byron is one of the small children awaiting surgery.  He is three years old and was brought to the hospital by his mother.  They traveled for five hours yesterday from Marmatocaldas.  Last night they stayed in a homeless shelter so they wouldn't have to travel five hours home, and five hours back.  Byron has a brother and a sister at home, likes to play soccer, and watch Disney's "Cars."

Byron and his mom

Jonathan is a one year and eight month old boy who has an eight month old brother at home.  He lives in Buenaventura, which is also five hours away from the clinic.  Johnathan's grandmother found out about the mission through the Sonrei Foundation.  The local Rotary club arranged an over night stay in a private home for them.  Johnathan sat quietly waiting for his surgery, playing with cards, but he was fascinated with Senora Martha, who was wearing Minnie Mouse ears.

Jonathan and his grandmother