2010 Pereira, Colombia

Aug 10, 2010

Day 1: Pre-Clinic

Pereira, Colombia

We arrive at the clinic at Hospital Universitario San Jorge at 6:30 AM. The site of over 150 people waiting in lines and overflow under tents, brings a lump to our throats.  While we were having juic... Read More »

Aug 10, 2010

Day 2: Surgery Begins

Pereira, Colombia

We arrive at the clinic at 7:00 AM for a full day of surgery.  First, the families waiting for surgery are brought into a waiting room. Then, three at a time are brought into a second waiting room to... Read More »

Aug 11, 2010

Day 3: Partnership to Success…

Pereira, Colombia

…is often in the preparedness of both the medical personnel and non-medical volunteers who join with the host Rotary club in the name of Rotaplast. The Club Rotario Pereira Perla del Otύn (PRC) host... Read More »

Aug 12, 2010

Day 4: A View of Club Rotario Pereira Perla del Otύn

Pereira, Colombia

There is more to being a host than a nice welcome.  The Club Rotario Pereira Perla del Otύn (PRC) begins to plan for a Rotaplast mission 6 months ahead of a proposed date by requesting a mission fro... Read More »

Aug 14, 2010

Day 5: Stevenson: A Special Case

Pereira, Colombia

That first day of intake, Andrea Dolak and Jill Long (photojournalists) noticed a 5-year-old boy sitting in the first row trying to get their attention by waving.  They were taken by his happy, outgo... Read More »

Aug 15, 2010

Meet Ema

Pereira, Colombia

Ema was another one of our special patients who was close to our hearts.  She is a very short woman who quietly went through the intake line to be evaluated for surgery.  She nodded to everyone... Read More »

Aug 15, 2010

Day 7: Salento

Pereira, Colombia

Our day off was a trip to Salento, about an hour outside Pereira.   We began our day at a small restaurant called "Camino Real Parrilla Bar."  Trout is the local delicacy. ... Read More »

Aug 16, 2010

Day 8: A Typical Day at Hospital Universitario San Jorge

Pereira, Colombia

The Rotaplast medical and volunteer teams generally arrive at the hospital by 6:30am.  The Quartermaster unlocks the supply room and  the operating room (OR) staff start to set up the ORs.... Read More »

Aug 17, 2010

Day 9: A Little Education

Pereira, Colombia

Plastic Surgery – working with soft tissue Maxillary Surgery – working with bones Cleft lip and cleft palate is mostly caused by lack of folic acid  in the mothers diet.  At 9 weeks gestati... Read More »

Aug 19, 2010

Day 11: The Last Day

Pereira, Colombia

Today is bittersweet.  This is the day we break down our respective rooms that we have been accustomed to working in for the last 10 days.  Today is the day when many of the patients we were ab... Read More »

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