I have 3 updates to share with you! Baby Jayaram has moved to the discharge ward and his lip looks wonderful!

 Siddegowda, the 8-year-old boy,with the cleft palate has been moved to the discharge ward and still has swelling on his face, but is up and running around the ward, and is my shadow when I make my rounds.

Picture 018 Thriveni, the 22-year-old girl has had a tough couple of days with lots of pain, but today she was sitting up when I came in and said she was feeling much better! She can move her fingers on her right hand and lift her arm up which is a big improvement. I keep warning her to give it time and let it heal, but I can only imagine that after 10 years of not having use of her right arm, she wants to give it a test drive.

Last night the Swami 3 (3rd in Line) made a surprise visit to the post-op ward which brought a lot of excitement to the ward. It was really uplifting for the patients and families!