The Team is running like a well oiled machine and has completed over 70 surgeries. We are running low on some supplies, but with this resourceful group we will get by.
Watching the operating room team this week has been absolutely amazing! The surgeons, Dr. Jackson, Dr. Garid, and Dr. Reddy perform life changing surgeries and although it is routine for them, their skills are magic to the non medical staff. It is amazing to see the transformations.

It is almost overwhelming, the number of patients that have come through the OR.
I have watched many parents hand over their babies to the medical staff, with much concern in their eyes, and wait for what must be an agonizing hour or two during the surgery, only to be overcome with emotion when they see their child for the first time after the surgery. My favorite part is going to post-op every day to take pictures and having the parents show me their child with great pride.

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