The Rotaplast medical team in Cumana, Venezuela has completed four days of successful surgery on cleft lip, cleft palate, and a few other unusual cases.  The days have all been long – twelve hours or more – and everyone is looking forward to our one day off.  Cooperation between Rotaplast, local Rotary volunteers, Toyota and other sponsors, and hospital personnel has been excellent.  

Here are a few photos from the last few days. 

Cu2 025 (2) (640x427)
OR nurses Lorrie Martin and Stacy Bishop and plastic surgeons Gary Gallagher and Milton Solis stand ready to interview potential patients on pre-clinic day.  The woman at lower left is a local Rotary volunteer.  Note that the walls were newly repainted for Rotaplast.


  Cu5 055 (2) (640x427)
Cleft palate surgery being performed on a child by Rotaplast co-founder and medical director Dr. Angelo Capozzi (center), with the assistance of local pediatric surgeon Dr. Jesus Rondon (green scrubs).  Others working this operation include (left to right) OR nurse Kathleen Dunleavy, anesthesiologist Dr. Amy Gull, and local nurse Celenea Duran.


  Cu5 176 (2) (640x427)Nurse Cynthia Ideker and local student nurse Grecia comfort a young girl awakening from anesthesia.


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Dentist Dr. James Galea and orthodontist Dr. Maureen Valley (foreground) and genetics researchers Veronika Tolarova and Yelena Berdichevsky (behind desk) show how to make the best use of limited workspace and seating.


  Cu3 100 (2) (640x428) A A sleepy patient with her loving dad in the post-anesthesia care unit after surgery.