We're now into the third day of surgery in Cumana.  There is no shortage of cases to be handled, so the full team is still putting in very long days.  Speaking of the team, let me introduce them:

We are honored to have Dr. Angelo Capozzi along as Medical Director.  Dr. Capozzi co-founded Rotaplast in 1992, and has served on numerous Rotaplast Missions, as well as other humanitarian missions from many years earlier.  He is joined by three other plastic surgeons, including Dr. Gary Gallegher, Dr. Milton Solis from Guatemala, and Dr. Darwin Pinzon from Venezuela.

The anesthesiologists are headed by Dr. Fred Mihm and include Dr. Amy Gull, Dr. Helen O'Keefe Vajk and Dr. Sarah Bain.

Dr. Katherine Gallagher is lead pediatrican, and Nan Madden, PNP  works with her in this department.

Deborah Dean  is head nurse, and other OR nurses include Lorrie Martin, Kathleen Dunleavy, and Stacy Bishop. Terese Patrin and Cynthia Ideker are our team's PACU nurses.

Susan Whitaker  is the speech pathologist.  Orthodontist Dr. Maureen Valley and dentist Dr. James Galea, comprise the dental team.

We're fortunate on this mission to have a full genetics team, headed by Dr. Marie Tolarova from San Francisco.  Marie's husband Dr. Miroslav Tolar and their granddaughter Veronika Tolarova are also on the team, along with Yelena Berdichevsky.

Ken Funk is the mission director.  Other non-medical volunteers include medical records keeper Barbara Spangler, quartermaster Mike Korengel,, sterilizer Philip Joseph Grasso,, medical student Ji Son, ward coordinator, John Madden, and photo journalist John Street.

There is no question that this is a skilled and resourceful team, and I'm honored to be a part of it.  I'm also fully aware of having promised more photos, please stay tuned for the next post.