This Bangladesh mission has its share of burn victims.   We're glad we're here to provide treatment.


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Rajoni, a twenty-year-old mother spending recovery time in post-op with her son. When she was pregnant, she suffered severe burns to both arms while she was transporting boiling water. Because of the extent of the skin graft required, Dr. Sibrand Schepel elected to limit this procedure to one arm only. Her right arm virtually mirrored her left arm and the left arm procedure is scheduled for Rotaplast's return trip to Bangladesh in 2014.

Rotaplast specializes in transforming smiles and improving the quality of childrens' lives. Meet Nuha and Mohammed:



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Just hours after his procedure, Mohammed quickly recognized the change in his appearance. He seemed happy at the repair of his cleft lip and wondered how long the healing process would last.

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Mohammed, age 10, fully aware of his birth defect, frequently held his hand over his mouth at school to discourage his classmates from making fun of him.


 The students of a nearby school came to the hospital to have the benefit of an introduction to practicing good dental hygiene. 

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The school children were genuinely excited to visit a hospital and learn about dental hygiene.  They constantly inquired of us, "is this your first time in Bangladesh?"

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Dentist Dr. Biebie van Leuwen (The Netherlands) distributed tooth brushes to all of the students and gave a "hands on" demonstration of the proper way to brush teeth.

James Taylor, Photojournalist