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Today is day number 5 of our 7 day surgical mission. We examine walk-ins nearly everyday. As of today we have screened 128 patients.  Some will get surgery, others will not, simply because the need is far greater than the time and resources on a typical mission.  Everyday, schedules are reviewed and adjusted. Here, our head nurse Carol and anesthesiologists, Michael and Iskra review the patients' needs for the day according to the current schedule.

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Our four Rotaplast surgeons, Fred, Alex, Medical Director Wally, and Jim also take a moment in the morning to discuss the day's upcoming surgeries. 

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Raul and Alexandria, both 5 years old, are ready and waiting with their moms in the surgical ward.

 Alexandria leaves the recovery room with her mother.

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Raul rests comfortably the day after surgery in the pediatric ward.

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Ten year old Weismann is an outgoing lovable little boy. In Weismann’s 10 years he has undergone five operations: two on his lip and three on his palate.  Today he is here to repair an aveolar fistula.  When Weismann was born, his mother was so distressed by his facial deformities that she abandoned him and his father.  Weismann’s Dad has cared for Weismann throughout his life and with the help of Rotaplast has managed to get him the surgical care he needs.  Here, both Weismann and his Dad give the recovery staff a thumbs up!