Our first sight as the ramp of our plane was lowered was what appeared to be the entire Rotary Club of Cumana. It was an extraordinary, and warm welcome after such a long journey. 

This third and last leg of our long journey was on a Venezuelan military transport. After being squeezed in economy class for over 8 hours on commercial airlines this felt like a step up.


Our ride from Caracas to Cumana


"Doctors without Porters"

There is no rank on a Rotaplast mission, and everyone does whatever is needed.


Lots of leg room!

Plenty of leg room, and no luggage restrictions.  


Rosie Wells our mission director with the flight crew


The Cumana Rotarians greet us at the ramp


Even before our feet touched the runway we were all touched by the incredibly warm welcome from our Cumana hosts. What a wonderful start to our mission.

We were told that almost 300 patients had been screened by the Rotarians so we will have a very busy day tomorrow!