6a00e5540c3e8c8834019aff758527970d-320wiBenetta Johnson was born with a cleft lip 9 months ago. Her mom left her stranded at the hospital the day she was born because she was ashamed of her. For days the hospital staff searched for her mom but could not find her, and since no one was coming forward to claim her, the hospital started processing her adoption papers. Luckily, one of the care givers who worked closely with the hospital heard about the adoption news, and decided to go to the hospital to see the baby. When she arrived she was filled with joy because she knew who Benetta belonged to. She called Benetta’s grandmother, who came to the hospital to pick her up. Because her daughter abandoned her grandchild without naming her, the grandmother decided to name her after the caretaker/friend who found her.

6a00e5540c3e8c8834019aff75864e970d-320wiI asked Zoe Carey (Benneta’s grandmother) how she found Rotaplast. She told me it was through her cousin, a mechanic who lives 20 minutes away from St. Joseph’s Hospital. She went on to tell me that her cousin made the appointment. He also paid for her bus fare for the two hour ride from her home to the hospital. “The minute we stepped into the hospital on Monday morning, I had feeling that things were going to change for the better for my baby. I am filled with joy, love, and gratitude,” said Zoe Carey, “I am very thankful to the Rotaplast team for giving my Benneta a second chance and beautiful beginning. Every time I look at her smiling I will think of you and the wonderful work you do.”