Day 5 in New Delhi, India

Today we registered 13 additional potential candidates for surgery. The operating room and PACU were busy treating 6 patients. Once again the results proved life changing.

Arriving in the ward for morning rounds, we were greeted by two year-old Vigyaan in the first bed. The previously day he had undergone a minor operation (a frenulectomy) to alleviate his potentially embarrassing tongue-tied condition. He was ready to be cleared to go home. He tentatively looked up to the now crowded room filled with the pediatricians, surgeons, nurses and non-medical volunteers. He then folded his hands in front of his chest, bowed his head, and quietly whispered: “Namaste” thanking us. A wonderful way to start the day! IMG_6589-001

To visualize the impact of our surgeries, we take pre and post photographs of each of those who have undergone a procedure. The following shots are of those who were released today.

Teena was a four month-old charmer of a little girl who had a primary cleft lip repaired.
Before Rotaplast IMG_6197
Today IMG_6591
Shaksham was a two year-old boy who needed a repair of right cleft lip.
Before Rotaplast

Today IMG_6595-001
Pig-tailed Priyanka was a happy little five year-old who needed her front left cleft lip repaired from a previous surgery.
Before Rotaplast IMG_6059
Today IMG_6598

Nikhil was a three year-old boy who need a lip revision.
Before Rotaplast IMG_6066-001
Today IMG_6615


Our mission is proving to be a success. It is a coordinated effort on the part of many individuals. People with cleft lip and palate issues have had their lives changed thanks not only to our volunteer Rotaplast team, but also to the administration and staff of Sarvodaya Hospital and the members of Rotary Club of Delhi Vasant Valley.

The driving force behind this Rotaplast mission is first and foremost, Rotarian Bhuvnesh (Gaurav) Ahuja. For a long time he had a dream to provide surgical relief for those cleft lip and palate anomalies, especially for those who could not afford treatment. After looking to various options, he discovered Rotaplast. In 2012 he personally contacted Dr. Angelo Capozzi in San Francisco. Together they set in motion what was to become the first Rotaplast Mission in Delhi, India. Now as president of the Rotary Club of Delhi Vasant Valley, Gaurav motivated his club members to support this signature project through his compelling personal vision “Dream, Decision, Destiny, Destination.”

President Gaurav and his Rotarian wife, Tanu, their and two children Madhurya and Liasha. IMG_6685-001
He then searched out a local doctor to guide him in realizing this dream. He came upon Dr. Gagan Sabharwal, a maxillofacial surgeon who practices here in India. They shared the common vision to provide this humanitarian service. Additionally trained and certified in cleft lip and palate repair, Dr. Gagan offered to volunteer his time during the two weeks as one of our three surgeons.

Dr. Gagan and his wife Suruchi.
A key Rotarian who helped make this mission a success was Rakesh Kumar. He was present 24/7 at the hospital and hotel, supporting and documenting  the activities of the mission and addressing our every need.

Rotarian Rakesk Kumar.