DSC_0273The team crowds around the lunch table to enjoy a special treat for lunch. Rafat’s (left) parents Rashid and Umu sponsored a delicious homemade meal prepared by Uma.DSC_0455  (R to L) Rafat, one of our fantastic volunteer translators with her mother Uma and her father Rashid.


Television crews arrived late this afternoon to interview Rotaplast Mission Director Tom Fox.  It’s press like this that helps to spread the word about Rotaplast and the surgeries we are performing that are changing the lives of children and their families.DSC_0010Rotaplast team translator Rayhana (middle) with Rafat and Marie. No matter what country Rotaplast visits, we rely and depend on translators to translate families' concerns, medical instructions, and to speak with the patients when they awaken from surgery to let them know that surgery is over and everything is fine.  The translators also tell the nurses when a child is in pain or uncomfortable.DSC_0041Medical translators assist in the OR interpreting instructions from the surgeons to the local scrub nurses.DSC_0317 - CopyThe team got cake and had a little party to show our appreciation for all the dedicated voluteers of Nurture Hospital, Rotaract, students, and others who gave their time all week to perform a necessary and vital part of the Rotaplast mission. Tomorrow is closing clinic when we say good-bye to the patients and Nurture General Hospital.