I began day 5 in the children’s ward and had the opportunity to visit each of the children who had surgery the previous day. I would like introduce you to some of these amazing kids!!

Meet Karen C.

Karen is seven months old and arrived with her mom Xulmachmeh on clinic day at 4 am. Xulmachmeh heard about Rotaplast on TV. While waiting on clinic day, Xulmachmeh worried that Karen’s name wouldn’t be called. Here is a picture of her from that day.

Karen c and mom waiting to hear if they got in

Xulmachmeh and Karen were very happy to hear the great news that they had been selected for surgery the next day!!

Karen c before

Karen Before Surgery

Karen  c before surgery

Karen After Surgery!!

Karen c after

Xulmachmeh said that she was so thankful for all the work that the Rotaplast team did and that she was extremely happy with the results.

Meet Omi

Omi is 2 months old. He and his mom Imelda traveled from Tierra Blana, a town near the border of Mexico. Along with her husband, they traveled for over 12 hours in the back of a truck filled with 26 other people to get to clinic day by 4 am. Like other families, Imelda found out about Rotaplast from a TV commercial.  Her entire family was very supportive of Imelda traveling with Omi in hopes of receiving surgery for a cleft lip.

Omi Before Surgery

Omi before_5

Omi before_6

Omi before_4

Omi After Surgery


After surgery Imelda shared with us that she wanted to thank everyone for granting her and her son Omi with this opportunity, and for allowing her son to be even more handsome than before!!

Meet Karen T.

Six-month-old Karen and her mom Ebarrista live in the city and found out about Rotaplast from TV. Ebarrista and her husband were very eager and excited when they found out that her Karen would be receiving surgery.

Karen on Clinic Day

Sofia before

Karen with her dad_before

Karen before_3

Our brave little Karen after surgery with her mom and the fabulous Nurse Melanie!!

Karen c with nurse melanie and mom after surgery

Ebarrista wanted to thank God and everyone on the Rotaplast team for giving Karen and her family this special gift. She is very grateful that Karen was given the opportunity by Rotaplast to have her life changed by this surgery. Ebarrista hopes that everyone on the team will get back home safely and that they will be able to help many many more people!!

It was a long day but extremely rewarding. We saw some tears and many smiles but most of all we were granted many hugs and words of appreciation. I would like to share with you some of these moments.

Sabina with Dulce waiting for surgery

Bruce and new patient

Julie and sabina

Dora with transporter george after


Mama maria 3

Transporter_1 after surgery

David waiting for surgery