Happy St. Patrick's Day! Even though we are in Guatemala we decided to decorate the break room and some of our doctors and staff even wore St. Patrick's Day scrubs. The patients and hospital staff loved the colors and hearing about St. Patrick's Day. 

Julie and Alison

Dr. Julie with Alison

Jorge and Alison and Jorge the stuffed animal

After Alison was given a stuffed animal she decided to name it Jorge after our own patient transporter Jorge!!


Dr Amir Dr Julie Alison and Dr. Gagan

Alison then asked to take a picture with all the docs. Dr. Amir, Dr. Julie and Dr. Gagan.


Dr. Julie Angel Dr. Gagan and Dr. Amir

After seeing Alison take a picture with the doctors Julio asked to take a picture as well. 


And then with Dr. Mark too!!

Julio and Dr. Mark


Everyone got into the St. Patrick's Day spirit even Kevin and our Quatermaster Rick.

Quatermaster Rick with Kevin

Dr. Julie and Dr. Tim

Julie and Dr. Tim



Our wonderful hospital volunteer Carmen got into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day with a green monkey that all the kids loved.



Jefferson stopped by to say hi before his surgery on Thursday. He was happy to see everyone and gave lots of hugs and love to all of us!! Thanks Jefferson!

Silvana and Jefferson


Sangita and Jefferson

Brian Jefferson and Dr. Bryan


I  had a chance to meet some of the new patients that were getting ready for surgery.


Our cool kid Yolanda!


Our little happy camper Eduardo.



Handsome Cesar and his beautiful mother 


I would like to end the day with an update on Alison!

Alison did amazingly well both during and after surgery. In fact she was in such good spirits that she asked to have her sunglasses put back on and her Jorge, her stuffed animal, to give hugs to! You are awesome Alison and extremely brave!!



Alison with Dr Julie

 Have a nice night!