Eight-year-old Nadia came with her father. Nadia was born with a facial deformity on one side of her mouth. Nadia’s father, Abdul Hamid, 44 works as a farmer in his village of Raigor about two hours away by bus. They heard about Rotaplast when a health worker in their village approached the family. Nadia has 8 siblings at home, so her mother stayed in Raigor to care for them while Abdul Hamid brought Nadia to Rotaplast.  “I have lots of hopes for my daughter,” said Abdul Hamid.  “I want to get a good job so that she can go to school.  I can’t afford it now.”

Roisun, has lived with a unilateral cleft lip for her 31 years of life. One day, the chairman of her village of Vanugach, Komolganj knocked on her door informing her family that Rotaplast was going to be in Sylhet. Roisun is married, yet her husband left the family some time ago.  She has one 14-year-old son.  She and her son live with Roisun’s extended family. Hopes for a better life are with Roisun’s 14-year-old son who is currently in the 8th grade. Roisun is proud that her son is able to receive an education.


Hopes are also with Roisun and the surgery she received today. Roisun’s mother said, “She is beautiful.”


Lal, 55 has lived with his cleft lip his entire life. The look of gratitude shines from his eyes after his surgery. As he readies to leave after morning rounds he motions in prayer with his hands and says “I pray for you,” as he approaches each Rotaplast team member.




Yesterday, Sabiha came to us as a walk in.  Today her mother shows off Sabiha’s beautiful smile.