Abubakr, 2 years old, fell hands first into a trash fire outside the family’s home about six months ago. When it happened, Abubakr was taken to a local emergency hospital.  His family was told to take him to Dhaka where there was better treatment. For one month the family stayed in Dhaka at a cost of more than TK 1,200 per day on top of the surgery and hospital cost that was approximately 2 million Taka. They knew Abubakr would require another operation on each hand so when they read that Rotaplast was coming to Sylhet they made the 1 ½ hour journey for Abubakr to be evaluated.


Our surgeons had time to release burn contractures on both his hands today giving Abubakr the hand mobility he needs to lead a healthy productive life.  “Many thanks,” said his mother Fathama who added that she appreciated the way Rotaplast is treating all the patients.



Two-month-old Surjo was a walk-in two days ago.  Today he has a new smile and a chance at a better life.



Ayaan is another healthy 2-month-old baby.  His mother told us that his name means God gifted. Ayaan’s mother Zannath stares at him in amazement and gratitude for his new perfect little lip.



Five-year-old Hussain is a happy boy with an outgoing and playful personality. When he awoke in PACU and saw his mother he asked to see his face. We took a picture to show Hussain how handsome he is.


Raina, 38 came in for a revision of a lip scar. She brought her two children with her. Raina’s daughter  Eva, 9 took charge in taking care of her mother from the moment she came back from surgery to the morning she was discharged the next day.


She intently listened to the discharge instructions then proudly told us that she reads and is in plus grade one.


Eva poses in one of the new dresses generously donated to Rotaplast for the children by Mr. Philip Byer of Byer of California.