Rotaplast surgery in Sylhet, Bangladesh has began.  The surgeons are sharing one room with two OR tables. The set up work quite well today.



Our  first patient of the day was one year old Tasin. Tasin was born with an incomplete bilateral cleft lip and a cleft palate. She has two siblings, yet the first with this condition.  Her family read in the newspaper that Rotaplast was coming. Tasin arrived with her mother, paternal grandmother and paternal uncle. Today, Tasin’s lip undergoes an amazing tranformation.


Within about an hour and a half in the OR, her lip is perfect and she rests comfortably in recovery wrapped in a beautiful quilt donated to Rotaplast by Wrap a Smile. Wrap a Smile collects and labels quilts from all over and forwards them to Rotaplast to be given to Rotaplast children around the world.


Tasin’s mother holds her baby daughter and examines her perfectly, beautiful little lips for the first time.