The team split up this morning. Most of the pediatricians and surgeons went to the hospital where the surgeries were performed to examine and discharge yesterday’s surgery patients. They will join the rest of the team once this is done. The rest of the team went to the hospital where the original registration clinic was held to set up and start the post-clinic.

Many of the patients were waiting for us when we arrived as they had stayed at the hospital after their surgery. The Rotarians had arranged for dorms to be set up at the hospital.

All the surgeons, pediatricians, and several of the nurses participated in the post clinic along with numerous volunteers. Those team members that do not participate are packing up getting all the boxes ready to travel back to California.


Depending on the type of surgery, the patient will be examined, have stitches removed, have dressings changed, and be given instructions for continued care.


Over the next seven days of surgery the team performed 95 operations.

Quite a few of the patients that had surgery also required dental care which is provided by Dr. Rosie Mayro and the Cumana dentists. They did over 220 dental procedures during the time we were here. They also came to the Post-Clinic to examine their patients and to give instructions if required, on followup care.


It is great to know the work we do is really appreciated by our patients. This boy figured out how to say thank you in English on his cell phone.


Some of the kids are happy to entertain themselves at the clinic. I think we may have a future doctor or nurse with this little one.


There were many bitter sweet moments when the time to say good bye finally came.  Relationships and bonds form very quickly but everyone knows they are most likely short term. 6a00e5540c3e8c883401bb085d9935970d-800wi


The post clinic is always very rewarding because the team gets to see  how their efforts are already changing lives. When our work was done and we were getting on the bus, it was difficult to leave them as they stood in the hospital entry waving good bye.