The promise of a mother, Naomi.

Naomi wants a better future for her Doto, because her daughter has a cleft lip. Without an operation there will be lots of troubles for her; eating and drinking, to be well understood and making friends. Don’t even mention a relationship…

Doto was operated on today to repair her cleft lip.

Doto and her twin Kulua are 14 months old. Until approximately their sixth birthday the eldest of almost every twin is named ‘Kulua’ and the youngest ‘Doto’. After that they will get their own name.

Naomi’s parents could not afford  a proper education for her, they were poor.  Naomi and her husband want to give their children a proper education. Only both surgery and education is not possible for their six kids.

Naomi is extremely happy that Rotaplast helped out and operated on her youngest daughter. “Asanta sana!” (thank you very much) is what she constantly says. Naomi will be an ambassador for Rotaplast and Doto will get a proper education. That’s what she’s promised.


Before and After

-Ruben Veldman, The Netherlands