Samuel  is a boy that was here three years ago, and I remember him well. He has a ready smile, a quick handshake, and he likes to tell stories. My favorite is his 101 girlfriends.

I can see why he claims 101 girlfriends, and he charms all of us with his wistful smile.

Samuel has been here before, for lip repair then palate. He is here today for a palate repair.

In spite of the large gap in the roof of his mouth Samuel has thrived. His mother confirms he is quite the ladies man, and he eats all the food they can find for him. He has an older sister, but soon he will have to share some of that food with a new sister.

Samuel and Mom.

A big smile for the brave man after surgery today.

With fifteen patients everyday our days seem to go quickly, and with fifteen patients come fifteen stories. The language in Venezuela is Spanish, but there is a form of communication which supplants the spoken word. It is the love between a parent and child that we see every minute of every day.

Meet Kelvin. Kelvin is nine months old and has a bilateral cleft lip and palate.

Mother and child



I hope to post an after photo of Kelvin so look for the next post!