Dr. Capozzi, Lisa and Barbara gearing up to make the children smile.


The team arrives at the hospital at 6:45 a.m. to start changing the lives of children and young adults. Today there were 16 scheduled surgeries and 16 procedures completed. The first stop is to see Nan Madden, NP and ward coordinator Bill Beckman where the records are checked and each patient is looked at again for the final okay for surgery.


Our in-house comedian and all around funny guy, that sets the kids at ease, Bill Beckman.



p1110935-copyA few faces that were waiting patiently for their turns.p1120057-copyDr. Ronald Worland and Dr. Angelo Capozzi working side by side on a patient with a cleft lip.p1120040-copyOR Nurse Victoria Slama in a quiet voice tells this little guy that he is going to be fine and look great when they are done, while she prepares him for his surgery.