It’s an incredible feeling when you are surrounded by a hospital filled with like minded, selfless, and loving people. Friends, and extremely committed partners! People that not only care, but they give freely with all their whole being. Today we had a visit from the Governor of Antioquia, of which Medellin is the Capital, Andrés Julián Rendón and First Lady Susana Ochoa Henao.

It’s been reported that cleft lip/palate repair is near and dear to the First Lady’s heart. They greeted patients with gifts, sincere handshakes and encouragement. We also had the privilege of spending time with our Rotary friends from the Club of Medellin, El Poblado, who daily nourish us with delicious snacks. Meanwhile, upstairs, our very skilled OR team, students, interns, residents, and volunteers are performing amazing, life-changing surgeries. This is an exceptional opportunity for the students involved in the educational experience. Together we transform.