Late on the evening of Sunday February 19th, most of the team gathers at San Francisco International airport eagerly anticipating the begining of the mission.

Team members are delighted to meet friends from previous missions and to make new acquaintances.

Non medical volunteers Geraldine Barry and Teryn Corsiglia from the San José Rotary Club look forward with great anticipation to their first mission.

Quatermaster extraordinaire, Steve Borkenhagen counts and organizes the 37 boxes of medical equipment and supplies.

Mission Director Tom Fox checks in the boxes into United’s baggage.

After a late night flight and a stop in Houston, where we were joined by several team members flying in from different parts of the country, we arrived in Guatemala City. We were thrilled that all our luggage and boxes had also arrived.  However, getting all of the medical equipment through customs  proved to be more problematic resulting in some schedule changes.

The team and their luggage are loaded onto buses and transported to the hotel.

On Day Two the team assembles at the hospital before the Pre-Clinic.

There we are met by about  300 to 400 potential patients and their relatives.

Some  families  had arrived as early at 4:00 AM and were waiting for the opportunity  to receive a life changing operation. It was moving to witness their patience, as well as their trust in us.

A hopeful patient extends a warm welcome to the team.

Registered Nurse Alicia Brassil takes a young patient’s vital signs.

Medical Director Dr. David Low conducts an evaluation.

Assistant Mission Director Cyndie George, Teryn Corsiglia and Catherine Rowen  compile the medical records.

Surgeon Milton Solís, president of Rotaplast Guatemala, and Belia Contreras, representative of the Club Rotario Guatemala Asunción, and many local volunteers provide invaluable assistance.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts and dedication, 155 patients are evaluated and approximately 100 of them are selected for surgery. A successful conclusion to a long day!