Sharmin has an elbow contracture from a kitchen burn requiring surgery.  She is unable to move her left arm.  Dr. Worland performs surgery, including a skin graft to allow freedom of movement.

A local doctor is assisting and Dr. Richard Moore of Grand Junction, Colorado, is the anesthesiologist for the procedure; he has been on multiple Rotaplast missions.  Dr. Moore has a kind heart, gentle soul and a twinkle in his eye.   He embraces this project with tenderness.

This lovely woman, Roshni, was assaulted about 9 months ago.  She was unable to close her eyes until coming to the Rotaplast clinic for help.  She traveled by bus and rickshaw for over 3 hours and we are so glad she did.  Dr. Worland performed a skin graft to add skin to her eye lids.

Roshni with Dr. Worland who performed Roshi’s procedure.

Burn victims continue to come to the Rotaplast clinic – this boy’s parents brought him to our clinic to release a foot contracture.  He will walk more freely after his recovery!

Dr. Gemberling performing the contracture release.

Mazhar will have a procedure to release an interphalangeal joint with a full thickness skin graft.  This little one is hard to resist!

Here he is pictured with anesthesiologist Dr. Sofia Yi and Mazhar’s mother. Time for this young man to go home!

Sights from the surrounding area.

The woman pictured above is hammering bricks to break them into rock size pieces.

Children follow us as we walk through the village; they like to have their picture taken!