Things have started out well today. Everyone is humming through their jobs. Surgery started on time and the whole team knew exactly what to do.

Nathan Cobert, the Quartermaster, is our featured Team Member today. Quartermaster is a military term for the man in charge of supplies, and all the logistics that go along with that. He got the all boxes of supplies here, he runs errands, he assures us snacks, coffee, and other comforts. He is so capable that he’s the right-hand man of the mission director, Randy Floyd, for numerous problem-solving opportunities.

The 4th of July is a source of pride for us, OR nurse Carole McCulloch planned ahead!

This is the handiwork of Ellen Boesner, the Ward Coordinator. Ellen and Victoria Rivera, the Recreation Therapist, brought hundreds of toys, games and activities for the children. Victoria and this little girl are working on speech patterns and playing at the same time.